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Sergeant Kal Skirata didn't know for sure where he was, but this wasn't Laseema's cramped Coruscant apartment. For one thing, he couldn't hear a half-Jedi, half-Mandaloran (technically half-clone but his boys were all Mando'ade and anyone who even suggested otherwise would be facing imminent anatomical rearrangement) baby wailing for attention, or the noise of an ex-Jedi puttering around, or the sounds of one of his perpetually-hungry sons devouring leftover dinner. For another, Atin's Twi'lek girlfriend's tastes in home decoration ran more to carpet and flower arrangements, not bare stone. It looked like stone, anyway.

He looked around through his sand-gold buy'ce, the trademark Mandalorian helmet, with his Verpine shatter gun held at the ready in one hand and a custom-made blaster pistol in the other. His three-sided knife remained where it was hidden up his right sleeve--for the moment. One flick of his arm and it would come sliding down, ready to cause some serious damage. But no threat came, and so the pistols were cautiously slid back into their holsters and the helmet was removed.

Apart from his armor and weapons, he didn't look terribly physically imposing: he looked to be about sixty, slightly shorter than human average, with blue eyes in a craggy face and short-cropped graying brown hair. He limped badly, dragging his left leg as he made his way to the table, with... flimsi? No, it was paper or parchment of some kind. "Fierfek," he muttered to himself as he looked it over, surprised that someone would use something so primitive. Strange letters, but he could somehow understand it. He skimmed it over, giving out his answers in his usual gruff tone.

Aliit ori"shya tal"din.Collapse )

"I have read the hogwarts_hocus faq, and understand it is a crazy, cracktastic sorting community and RPG. KS
I have read the hogwarts_hocus rules and agree to abide by each and every one of them. KS
I agree to be a good sport and not get my knickers in a bunch. KS
One day, marmalade will rule the world. KS"

((Kal is a very traditionalist Mandalorian, which means that he tends to pepper his speech with Mando'a words. For example, the cut tag text means "Family is more than blood." I'd like to think that I put most of them in a way where context can give an idea of what they mean. But if you're curious, a partial list of terms can be found here, and Karen Traviss has a more complete list along with grammar rules and suchlike.))